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Much criticised in recent years, coffee percolators are one of the most prevalent coffee makers. It is hard to locate one exact reason, but surely, the discovery of the drip coffeemaker, the home coffeemaker, and also the espresso machine for a better experience had an effect on the popularity of coffee percolators. Additionally, recent developments in coffee making, such as the v60 and aeropress, also took up their job. But truly, the stovetop coffee-pot is perfect to feel slightly old-fashioned.

The percolator allows you to brew a robust cup of coffee anytime, anywhere. While the electric models are quicker, have control settings, and more fitting, they do not let you have the same temperature controls as the manual percolators—essentially, you will be at the hands of the percolator’s automatic brew cycle. With the accurate percolator, the precise coffee grind, kopi robusta, as well as a bit of a experience, you can make a delightful cup of coffee.

What Is Percola Coffee With a Percolator?

A percolator is actually a pot with separate spaces for the coffee grounds and water. Most individuals associate them with camping since the device functions just similarly on a campfire as it works on the stove. Present-day percolators are not restricted to flame-based stoves, and the electric model makes it simpler than ever to get a perfect coffee.

Percolators have 2 chambers:

  • An upper part with a carrier to keep the ground coffee beans (Such as Kopi Robusta) and
  • A lower space for the water to provide a safer experience

As the water reaches a high temperature, it is forced over an upright tube that omits the kopi robusta grounds before saturated back to the lowest of the kettle. Compared to other brewing procedures, it is brewed several times. Each time the kopi robusta water drips down, it is once again passed through those grounds to make an incredibly perfect coffee.

Unfortunately, it is simpler to over-brew coffee utilising a percolator. Pour-over brewing and Drip coffee procedures only allow the water over the grounds a single time, so it is easy and more controlled.

How Much Kopi Robusta to Use in The Percolator

A percolator uses a similar amount of kopi robusta or ground coffee. The ratio of kopi robusta and water to brewing procedures is like a drip coffeemaker. Most individuals use 1 tablespoon of kopi robusta or ground coffee for around 8-ounces of water. You can adjust this and controls at any time on the basis of your tastes.

Provide a stronger coffee by taking more kopi robusta or ground coffee for a stronger brew and less kopi robusta or ground coffee for a weaker one.

How To Make Percola Coffee With A Percolator?


If you you wish to learn how to make coffees in a percolator, this segment is perfect for you. Here is a step-by-step guide for preparing percola coffee in the percolator. So, learn how to make coffees utilising a Stovetop Percolator. The following method will show you its settings, controls, and also other tips.


  • Whole coffee beans
  • Water
  • Coffee grinder
  • measuring spoon to measure
  • Stovetop percolator


Only use a cleaned percolator to make your coffee. Make certain you wash every part of the percolator appropriately, even if the machine will be used for the first time. The scraps of old kopi robusta or any other materials can affect the taste of the coffee.

Step 1

Put the stem and the stand together and check the settings of the pot

Pour water into the bottom part (The water should level not higher than the coil at the upper part of the stem, be careful about that).

Step 2

Put the essential volume of kopi robusta into the basket for grounds (around 1 tbsp. For each cup)

Now attach the basket for grounds to the stem safely.

Step 3

Close the basket firmly with its cover.

Make certain that the cupola is situated accurately in the lid’s center

Now cover the kettle with the lid firmly.

Step 4

Put the percolator on the cold flame

Heat it slowly while waiting for it to start perking up.

Depending on the fact that how strong kopi robusta you desire, perk it for around 7-10 minutes.

Step 5

Take away the coffee-pot from the heat

Let it sit perfectly for a few moments, so any movable grounds sink properly


The main point to a perfect cup of coffee is to control the water temperature slowly. This is not a simply set-and-go technique of preparing coffee. You have to stand by the stove and observe, ensuring the temperature. It is said that a watched kettle never boils, and that’s precisely what you have to do when you prepare your coffees!

Despite the fact you can surely brew any kind of coffee in the percolator, the dark roast coffee is more expected to turn out tasting too unpleasant, so in case you’re still beginner to the percolator procedure, you may need to begin with medium roast coffees.

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