How To Make The Best AeroPress Coffee – AeroPress Coffee Brewing Guide


A perfect cup of coffee in the morning plays a vital role in starting our day and everyday life. And to achieve this, there are several methods to make an espresso-style, AeroPress-style coffee, or any other type of coffee. The basic things you need are an AeroPress coffee maker, a single-cup brewer, and the French press along with the knowledge of perfect brew time.

However, if you have to pick just one method to make the best coffee, which will deliver good taste and ease without much expenditure, I would like to suggest you make AeroPress Coffee. You can make the best AeroPress coffee with the help of a funny-looking small gadget that makes an excellent cup of coffee every time.

So, let’s find out more about AeroPress coffee, brew time, method of making. In short, let’s get an idea of how to make AeroPress coffee with a proper guide.

What Does It Mean By AeroPress Coffee?

Pouring water aeropress

An AeroPress coffee maker is a small gadget for making coffee. It was created around 10 years back by Alan Adler, who is a physicist, Stanford lecturer, and engineer. He was irritated with the effort of making only one cup of good coffee in the drip coffee maker.

And similarly, with the brew time, it used to take to pour-over. It used to take around 4 minutes. And thus, he tampered around and invented a noticeably non-sexy gadget that quickly pressed hot water through the coffee.

This plastic device surprised coffee lovers not only with its simplicity but also with its flavour and taste. He established an acceptable paper filter for a fresh mug of coffee, lacking the sludge or bitterness that remains at the end of the French press coffees.

He began producing the coffee maker commercially as well as it became a trendy accomplishment among coffee lovers. Initially, he advertised it as the espresso coffee maker, but luckily he let go of that, as it indeed produces concentrated, strong coffee gently — unlike the espresso.

Things You Need to Make A Perfect Mug Of Aeropress Coffee

aeropress filter

Only a few things are needed to make a perfect mug of AeroPress coffee in an AeroPress device. So, here we have prepared a list of things you are going to need while making coffee in the AeroPress maker.

AeroPress Device:

Coffee brewing method

Undoubtedly, the most vital thing you will need to make such coffee is the AeroPress device itself. I would like to recommend you buy the complete kit. This full kit AeroPress device consists of

  • The plunger
  • AeroPress chamber
  • Filters
  • Stirrer, and also
  • Coffee scoop.

You can purchase it from any local shop or purchase it online. It is easily available in both online and offline shops.


Stir coffee

Even though not every person stirs their coffee made in AeroPress maker. But I personally tried both the ways (stirring and without stirring my coffee). After trying both, I felt that stirring the coffee shows up the flavours and better taste of the coffee beans.

I would like to recommend you use the certified stirrer of AeroPress, However, you can as well use a spatula (rubber) instead. The choice is all yours.

AeroPress Filter Cap:

Coffee filter

These little white filters help you to keep the roast coffee grounds in the bottom from ending up in the coffee mug it works like a filter grind. Once this AeroPress filter cap ends you can purchase refills from both online or offline stores.

Coffee Mug:


In case you like to add milk to your coffee, you will have to have a good-sized coffee mug or else your milk will spill all over the place. So, I would like to recommend taking a 12-ounce or 16-ounce coffee mug for adding extra milk to the coffee.

If you like to drink black coffee, then a 10-ounce coffee mug will be perfect for you. Also make sure that your coffee mug is not too wide, or else the press will not be able to fit on top of the mug for brewing.

Hot Water:

Pour boiling water

Of course, you need water to make coffee. Whether it is hot or cold depends on your choice. If you want to drink hot coffee then you will need an electric kettle or stove-top. And for cold coffee, you can either use cold/chilled water or just put a couple of ice cubes in your coffee.

Coffee Beans:

Coffee beans

Irrespective of the brewing time and brewing method, the taste and flavour depend on the quality of the coffee beans. Make sure you use the best roast coffee beans to make the perfect cup of coffee.

How To Brew The Perfect Cup Of AeroPress Coffee?

In case you possess an AeroPress brewer, you are definitely in for a great treat. This highly portable, small coffee maker can speedily brew cups of espresso-like, delicious coffee. However, to get the perfect coffee, you will need to follow the perfect technique, brew guide and have the brewing equipment. That is where we have come in to help you out!

We have assembled a guide to brewing outstanding coffee with AeroPress, accompanied by several tips on other brewing methods. Its just like a recipe so let’s go through the article to begin brewing the perfect cup of AeroPress coffee – the brew guide.

Ingredients Needed:

  • Filtered water or 200ml Hot water (boil for 2 minutes)
  • Fresh roast coffee beans (12 grams of medium-fine Coffee grounds)

Brewing Equipment:

  • AeroPress (with filters)
  • Coffee grinder to grind perfectly
  • Timer to set total brew time
  • Coffee cup
  • Kettle for hot water
  • Stirring stick to slightly stir the coffee
  • Digital weigh Scales (not mandatory)
  • 1 x Rinsed filter paper

Step-By-Step Guide To Make AeroPress Style Coffee:

Make a smooth, sweet, and easy coffee with the help of these step-by-step guides. It is a full involvement brew, just like the French Press, but with filter paper such as a pour-over. So, let’s learn how to make this unique style of coffee perfectly…

Step 1: Prepare Water And Grind Coffee

To prepare your water and coffee bring approximately 7-ounces of water to just a boil. In case your electric kettle has the temperature instrument, aim for around 200°F.

Otherwise, let the water boil for few minutes so it can have the perfect temperature for AeroPress water.

Use the ratio of 15 grams to 16 grams of coffee (1 rounded scoop) to 7-ounces of hot water. Make certain your coffee grounds are of medium-fine grind.

Step 2: Set Up AeroPress Brewer
Coffee Press

Sep Up The AeroPress Brewer. At first, set up the rubber-made plunger to the number 4 that is written on the AeroPress barrel’s side. Take away the filter cap as well as turn the AeroPress device on its head and place it on the weighing scale after setting it to number 4.

Step 3: Rinse Filter of AeroPress
Pouring water

Rinse the filter properly. Place filter cap on the AeroPress filter and cautiously pour down hot water. Throw away that rinse water. After that set the filter cap to its brewing chamber.

Step 4: Insert Cap of AeroPress Filter
Assemble aeropress

Insert the Filter with a cap to set this brewing equipment. Inserting the filter paper into the filter cap, wash cleanly in freshwater. This way, you will eliminate any residue and old flavour. Set the filter cap as well as filter aside.

Step 5: Place Brewing Chamber and Add coffee & Water
Pour coffee into aeropress

Add Coffee Grounds Setting Up The Brewing Chamber. Place that brewing chamber on the cup or you may also use another container that is heat-safe. Now being careful, weigh and add ground coffee in hot water, not to spill ground coffee on the seal.

Then, pour down the hot boil water into the cylinder of Aeropress and start the timer for brew time. Stir the ground coffee for a few seconds; heat up a coffee cup with hot boil water. Just after 35 seconds, slowly and gently push the filter of AeroPress onto the device.

Step 6: Set Brew Time on The Timer
Pouring boiling water

Start your timer for brew time and mix a little hot boil water in it. After you start your timer, pour around 1-ounce of hot boil water in a round motion over the coffee grounds. Pour remaining hot boil water to fill the brewer chamber perfectly, up to number 4 line.

Then stir this mixture about 10 times to let the AeroPress fit for two or more minutes. Make certain you slowly, gently, and evenly cover the ground coffee. Then let your coffee boil for around 30 seconds.

Step 7: Spin/Flip Your Filter
Coffee press

Spin or flip the filter over. Place the glass or cup on its head and over the AeroPress cap. After that spin or flip the whole device over being cautious to backing the barrel, plunger, and also the cup together.

It is a good tip to grip the AeroPress machine where its plunger meets with its barrel so that you can hold both at the same time. In this step, spin or flip all the 3 objects over at the same time within a couple of seconds.

Please be careful when you flip the AeroPress machine onto the cup in this step. As the AeroPress is under compression when you plunge so, please do it slowly and gently so that you don’t force the extraction. Forcing the extraction may provide bad results.

Gradually and consistently push its plunger downwards. Remember that there will be 30 pounds of pressing factor, so it should require some work to push. Continue to push until your timer stops or you hear that hissing sound. By then, the entirety of the water has come through.

Step 8: Enjoy A Fine Espresso
number 1 cold brew coffee

Enjoy Your perfect espresso Coffee! If you want to drink black coffee, you are all done here preparing espresso Coffee! You can as well add milk to make a latte.

The Inverted Method:

inverted method

We should now know the inverted method and afterward a slight variety that allows the espresso to soak for an additional moment in the chamber.

A few individuals like to make their espresso significantly stronger and more robust, and this concentrates more flavour.

It is excessive, but rather it is amusing to play with both inverted methods to see which you like best!

Heat the water

Grind the beans

Rinse the filter

Bring together the AeroPress inverted

Pour coffee

Pour water

Stir once

Steep for 1 minute

Put on the filter cap

Flip it over, cautiously

Insert the plunger

Press and hold the plunger for few seconds

Taste & dilute


The AeroPress prepares an intense coffee and in case you want then you can divided this amount amid 2 cups and then add a little more water.


AeroPress is a very simple method and easier than several other methods and recipes for preparing coffee. It is foolproof and tastes amazing. Not just that, AeroPress is inexpensive and makes one of the best styles of coffee.

However, you still have to be cautious about the temperature of water, coffee bean type, brew time, etc. while making AeroPress. Boiled water has the chance to make the coffee bitter. It is vital to pour water that is warm but not too hot. For this, you can boil water and then take water off the heat for around a minute before you use it.

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